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And Ryan says that he wants to make those tax cuts permanent in the future. So they’re kind of viewing this as the first step, a first very big step. But things could change still in the future in that way.. So instead, you make their life miserable and try to force them out. So yeah, I do think that there’s some truth to that. But I also think that Marissa Mayer needed to make a big, bold move.

We have a president who made it by being obnoxious and bombastic. We got rappers looking like popsicles making it by putting on an absurd look and jenky rap. We got athlete Dads making their own brands by being obnoxious and calling out great athletes.

The great club charged r2 is particularly good. It has a surprising amount of forward momentum and a wide horizontal swipe. Not many people know how to time their rolls against it (Even knowing the trick, I still have trouble with it), and when you do catch them it does a lot of damage.

From the first question from a friendly Republican to a grilling by a Democrat hours later, Gorsuch was called upon on the second day of what is expected to be four days of hearings to assert his impartiality and reassure senators that he would not be swayed by political pressure if he wins confirmation, which appeared even more likely after his marathon session.Gorsuch reiterated in public what he had told many senators in private that he is offended by attacks like the ones leveled by President Trump against federal judges who have ruled in the past year in cases involving him.”When anyone criticizes the honesty or the integrity or the motives of a federal judge, I find that disheartening. I find that demoralizing because I know the truth,” Gorsuch told Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D Conn.).”Anyone including the president of the United States?” Blumenthal asked, who had made the elephant in the room comment.”Anyone is anyone,” Gorsuch said.Gorsuch declined, however, to comment specifically on Trump’s various criticisms of federal judges, including an Indiana born judge of Mexican descent who handled a federal lawsuit involving an online university bearing Trump’s name and the “so called” judge who ruled against the president’s first attempt to ban travelers from Muslim dominant countries from entering the United States.”I’ve gone as far as I can go ethically,” Gorsuch told Blumenthal.It was a dramatic moment in a day that for the most part lacked color.

Feeling Old Already?Feeling old at the sight of your first grey hair in your early thirties? Then think again. Say you are planning to live up to 90 or a hundred. Well, then you might as well get used to being old because with your attitude, you are going to be old for at least two thirds of your lifetime.

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