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The soil can only absorb so much moisture until it reaches a breaking point. That usually comes in the form of runoff, but in some cases, it can flow into cracks and crevasses and lubricate the ground on top of a hill. Eventually, a slab of unstableearth could lose its footing, at which point gravity takes over and the dirt and everything on top of it including entire trees and boulders comes crashing down..

In neither case is the president likely to pay a long term political price he hasn’t so far, which is why he can keep upping the ante. Government decided to implement this policy in April. It took weeks for it to become a national issue.. If you are in your 90 and have an infection they can put you in the hospital for a month , pump you with IV antibiotics and send you back to the nursing home. Most people have zero quality of life. Enormous corporations make money off of this.

We did not know the details of that. We asked for that on several occasions. It was unacceptable in and of itself what we saw on the first tape. They just don have enough students or the fanbase to keep that program going. Look at their location nobody around there is going to an EMU game over a UofM or even a MSU game.2016 was their first winning season in a long time and even then they went only 7 6. Their average went from 4,897 in 2015 to 12,781 in 2016 which I barely believe because schools can get away with fudging those numbers by giving tickets away there no way they averaged 13,000 people per game (actually AT the game) in 2016 lol..

I wish we would have a big party every other week or something like that. Like seriously bros, what if we just went bowling one Saturday. It’ll be fun. Much of the best work we did this year had this in common: direct, evocative writing. Editors have long said it best to it simple, stupid. That not as easy as it sounds.

This rejection of a final solution or certainty, rocks militants to their foundations and drives the extreme Right and extreme Left to attack the middle ground. Zealous religious fanatics believe they have the answer, that they have seen the light. Because they are motivated by blind faith and blind belief, they have no qualms about eliminating doubting non believers.

That they were “ticking time bombs” or “the most aggressively trained killing machines in America”. Thankfully the judge decided to give the dogs at least a chance to prove themselves. He appointed Rebecca Huss as Guardian and Special Master to the court.

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